Science Park

Athena Global School is the first school in the region to set up science park in its campus. Science park is nothing but a cluster of open air science gadgets all meant for play way learning of science. science park is an innovative concept of teaching science in an informal way. The basic concept of science park lies on the tendency of the children to play more than to read. The science park gadgets are so designed to inculcate scientific temper among children and adults by covering various branches of science like mechanics, sound, light, chemistry, meteorology and applied science too.

List of Gadgets Installed in Athena Science Park

S.No Equipments
1. Principle of Lever
2. Second Order Lever
3. Third Order Lever
4. Pulley & Pulley Blocks
5. Conservation of energy
6. Statue Speaks
7. Revolving Periscope
8. Simple Camera
9. Play with Mirrors
10. Telescope
11. Sympathetic Swing
12. Persistence of Vision
13. Know Your Weight
14. Solar Powered Radio
15. Rain Gauge
16. Anemometer
17. Wind Sock
18. Maxima,Minima Thermometer
19. Solar Water Heater
20. DNA Model
21. Crystal Structure