Athena identifies little Einsteins in the making and that is why we have introduced the Robotics lab. There are very few schools with this facility. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction and application of robots and computer system for their control, sensory feedback and information processing. These technologies deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans, in hazardous or manufacturing processes or simply just resemble humans. Robotics is introduced as a part of the curriculum starting from class IV.

Athena has tied up with LEGO, a famous American Robotic Kit and curriculum designer company to implement Robotic learning.



This tow vehicle and trailer are designed to be able to pull heavy loads. The trailer is designed to be very strong to be able to support very heavy loads, and the tow vehicle uses all three motors and low gearing to generate high pulling forces. Two hitching options are included for the trailer, a flexible hitch that tows similar to pulling with a tow cable, and a rigid tongue hitch that transfers some of the load weight to the tow vehicle's drive axle for extra traction, like a real trailer. You can experiment with how these two hitches work under different towing conditions, both on flat surfaces and up hills. Although power is important, traction is often the limiting factor to towing heavy loads, so you can experiment with how to position the load to get the best traction.


This "fully automatic" rapid-fire machine gun fires small LEGO beams from a magazine that can store up to 15 "bullets". You can hold the gun in both hands or set it down flat on the floor or other flat surface. Hold the trigger button down and it will unload all 15 rounds in about 1 second!
Hold the trigger down and the pieces fly out one after the other. Be careful where you aim, it is easy to lose pieces!


Most remote controls have several buttons or levers to control different functions. But the NXT kit comes with only one touch sensor button, so how much can you do with only one button on a remote control? Maybe more than you think! This project shows a simple way to get one button to do more than one thing. With the single button on the remote control for this robot, you can tell the robot to go straight, turn left, or turn right, and also control how far it goes straight or how long it turns.