Newspaper in Education (NiE)

The School has tied up with 'The Times of India', which is publishing special news paper edition for students named "In School". This news paper will be in easy to read language, contains more of pictures and child related news, which will be appealing to the students.

Why NiE?

  1. Cost effective way to educate.
  2. valuable skills including writing for meaning, media literacy, critical thinking, word meaning and sequencing etc
  3. Gives everyone something to read – news, sports, comics, weather, editorials, etc.
  4. Bridges the gap between the classroom and the “real” world.
  5. It will wean away students from television sets
  6. Reading becomes a habit
  7. Students vocabulary and grammatical skill will improve
  8. This is a base for class room activities and group discussions on important events
  9. Increases Child -parent interaction

How it will be implemented?
The 'Times NiE" newspaper will be issued to the students of class VI and above during all working days. A separate class hour is allotted during all school days for NiE activities like reading the news paper, discussions, etc. Previous day news item related quiz and debates will be conducted on every working day.

NiE activities

  • Activities like quiz, debates, assignments, debates, discussion
  • Maintenance of words learned passbook book
  • Discussion about the important news item of the day and its back ground
  • Learning grammar through NiE activities
  • Communication and soft skill experts sourced by us will conduct seminar to the students during the second term