Kindergarten Level

Curriculum for kindergarten is designed by the Academic Committee headed by the Principal. We sought suggestions from various experts on designing the curriculum which will improve gross and fine motor skills of the students.

Curriculum is filled with lot of activities, class room concept celebrations, group learning etc. to make the learning more joyful.


For KG we are not focusing on the subjects instead we focus on the Gross and fine motor skills improvement of the student.

Primary Level (Grade I to V)

For primary we follow the curriculum that connects with NCERT followed by the CBSE in Secondary classes. The Academic Committee seriously reviews the curriculum every year and makes corrections wherever required.

The methodologies are designed to emphasize on confidence building, hands on experience, group learning and communicative competence. It grooms the physical and the mental skills innovatively. It also provides opportunities to explore and discover their immediate surroundings through

  • Logical, analytical and critical thinking
  • Ability to apply problem solving Positive thinking
  • Self confidence to express themselves verbally and in writing
  • Subjects

    Subjects I & II III to V
    Core Subjects Maths, Environmental Studies Math’s, Science, Social
    Language I English English
    Language II* Tamil/Hindi Tamil/ Hindi
    Language III* - Hindi/ French
    Additional Subjects Life Skills, ICT, GK Life Skills, ICT, GK

    Secondary Level (Grade VI to X)

    For secondary we follow NCERT curriculum and the syllabus is planned in a manner that helps the students acquire skills to apply theoretical knowledge in their day-today life and prepares them to be lifelong learners. Projects and activities are an integral part of this curriculum. Learning areas include: Languages - English, Hindi/French/Tamil, Mathematics, General Science, Social Sciences, Life Skills, Work Experience/Computer Education, Art Education, and Physical & Health Education. Teaching is through projects, presentations, group discussions, workshops and seminars. Testing and examinations are regular and rigorous and are in accordance with CBSE pattern.

    Subjects VI to X
    Core Subjects Math’s, Science, Social Science
    Language I English
    Language II Tamil/Hindi
    Language III Hindi/ French
    Additional Subjects ICT, GK, Life Skills