The school maintains GPS fitted buses in compliance with safety and security norms. A responsible adult travels on the bus to ensure the safety of the students. The buses pick up and drop children travelling from Chidambaram and other places. The details of the bus routes are available on request and changes are incorporated if possible. To ensure punctuality, parents are requested to be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the stipulated time in the morning and afternoon.

In-case you are delayed please inform to the driver on his cell-phone

The buses will stop at the fixed stops only keeping in view the safety and convenience of all the students and are subject to change only with consent of the authorities.

Tranport Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been formulated in the interest of the Parents and the Students keeping in mind the valuable suggestions from the parents:

  • The prescribed Transport fees must be paid before availing the facility.
    • I TERM - (April-July)
    • II TERM - (August-November)
    • III TERM - (December-March)
  • School authorities have taken proper care in identifying and fixing the pickup and drop points with least inconvenience to the Parents. From this, Parents have to select the convenient pickup and drop points for their children and intimate the same to the School in writing. The Parents have to make arrangements to drop and pickup the children from the respective points.
  • Any request by the Parents for alterations in the pick-up / drop point will not be entertained unless valid reasons are given in writing. Frequent request for changes in the points will not be entertained.
  • The parents have to bring their children to the Street/Road in front of their residence and under no circumstances, will the school be expected to pick up the children from inside the house/flat. If the Street/Road is very narrow wherein the vehicle cannot take U-turn, the children should be brought/ picked up from the beginning/end of the street and Van will not enter into such street/road.
  • Parents are requested to be ready before 5 minutes at the Pickup and drop points at the stipulated time in order to ensure that the Van reaches the School/residence in time and also to avoid any inconvenience to the other children/parents waiting in subsequent points. Any delay in boarding the school Bus at the pickup points will not be entertained. If, by any chance the Child misses the bus, parents have to make their own arrangement to send the child to the school. Like-wise, if the parents are not available at the drop point as per the time schedule, as a safety measure the child will be driven back to the school and under such circumstances, the parents have to make their own arrangements to pick up their child from the school.
  • If the school bus is held up or delayed due technical reasons the school will make alternate arrangements and the parents cooperation in the same is sought.
  • If the van is not able to reach the pickup points in time due to blocking or diversion of traffic on account of public meeting, festivals etc, the parents are expected to drop the children on their own.
  • If the bus is not able to enter any specific street/ road, due to road maintenance works, the parents have to bring their children to the nearby approachable point with prior information to the bus driver.
  • Parents are also requested to educate their children on their proper behaviour while being transported to and back from the school to ensure a pleasant and a safe travel.

I Sivapuri Annamalai University > School Sivapuri> AUTA Nagar> Mariyappa Nagar> University Rose hostel> University Yoga centre> Annamalai nagar post office> Medical college Out Patient block (OP)> Muthiyah Nagar> Ponmani Arangam> school 9965717233 Show Map
I-A AUTA Nagar> School AUTA Nagar> Mariyappa Nagar> University Rose hostel > Yoga centre> Annamalai Nagar post office > Medical college out patient block(OP)> Muthiyah Nagar>Ponmani Arangam> school 9488592376 Show Map
II Main Post office North car street > School North car street post office> 16 pillar mandabam> East Car street Theradi> East car streeAxis bank> Moorthy Café> NST Thread mill> General Hospital> MIT lodge> Pachyappas school> Police station west car street> Udippi hotel> school 9965717233 Show Map
II A Main Post office North car street > School North car street post office>16 pillar mandabam> East car Theradi> East car street Axis bank> NST Thread mill> General Hospital> MIT lodge> Pachyappas school> South car street Indian bank> west car street Police station > Udippi hotel> Uzhavar sandai >By pass Indane gas godown-school 9965717233 Show Map
III Orathur> Bhuvanagiri> School Orathur> Keerapalayam> Bhuvanagiri post office> Bhuvanagri Bunglow Perumathur >Kurinjipadi road> Ragavendra koil> Ayyappan koil-Bus stand> East Bhuvanagiri> Chidambarm periyar deport kamarj nagar> By pass petrl bunk> Vandigate> Faizzal Mahal> School 8940605674 Show Map
III A Bhuvanagiri >B.Mutulur> School (Private Van) Bhuavanairi> Ayyapan koil street> mangalam school> Perumathur-East Bhuvanagiri> B.Mutulur> Mandabam > Vandigate> School 9751061414 Show Map
IV North car street> Kanchithotti corner > Court > School Kanchithotti corner> Vilangiamman koil street> Gandhi park> Court> Anikaran street> Periyar street> Anantheeswaran koil street> VSR nagar> school 9965717233 Show Map
IV A Saraswathi nagar>Meethikudi Railway Gate > school Saraswathi nagar> Meethigudi railway gate> Gandhi nagar> kanchithotti munai> vilangiamman koil street> Gandhi poonga> Court> Anikaran street> Periyar street> Vilangiamman koil street> Thirolopathiammna koil street> SR nagar> Kannangudi by dpass> SK samadi> school 9941879756 Show Map
V Ammapet> Kanagasabai Nagar> School Ammapet>Raja nagar> Puthu Mariamman koilst > Velicham Super Market> VNS nagar> 7th Cross kanagasabai nagar> second main road kangasbi nagar> south vanni street > Mannargudi street> school 9443387926 Show Map
V A Puthur> Kollidam> School Puthur mathugadi> Kollidam entrance> Kollidam bazzar> Kollidam railway gate> Kollidam police station> Vallathurai > Vallam padugai Union > Vallam padugai Union> Vallum padugai entrance> Ammapet> Rajanagar> Puthu mariamman> Velicham super market> VNR Nagar> School Show Map
VI Kandamangalam> Kattumannargudi> school Kandamangalam> KM katchery street> KM boys high school> KM kaliamman koil street> KM Sengunthar street> KM North street> KM Tanakara street> KM Mettu thaikkal> KM Ramzan thaikkal> Lallpet kaikatti> Lalpet mosque> Lalpet thoppu street-Kandakumaran> Poorthankudi> Uthamachozhan> Neduncheri mosque> Mugiyur> School 8344011506 Show Map
VI A Kattumannargudi >lalpet> School Kattumnnargudi Thirumulaisthanam > Periyakulam-Perumal koil street > Katcheri treet-Vinayagar talkies > Sengutarmandabam> Kali koil> Tanakara street > Kozhi kadai>Treasury > Jaffar complex > Union office > Ramazan thaikkal > Lalpet bridge-Moulana street> Thoppu street-School 9790592207 Show Map
VII Chidambaram Gandhi nagar> School Chidambaram Gandhinagar > Methikudi Railwaygate> Muthamizh Nagar> Vasantham bus ervice> Anugraha appartment> Murugapillai street> State bank colony street> Viswanathan street> Ellai amman koil street> Royal mahal> Kuthuaddum vingayagar koil> RCT school> Happy appartment> Krishna appartment> Kaliarasi covering> Toppiyan street> Min Nagar> Sivasakthi nagar> SR Nagar> EDAC bulding> police line> Mannarkgudi street> Petrol bunk> School 9524264195 Show Map
VII A Koyapillai chavadi- Town > school Koyaapillai chavadi petrol bunk> Muthayyamman nagar> Thoppiyan street > Kalaiarasi covering> Royal Mahal> Koothaddum vingayagar koil> Happy appartment > RCT school> Viswanathan street> Murugapillai street> Chunnabukara street > School 9524264195 Show Map
VIII Sethiyathoppu> School Sethiyathoppu>Vazhakollai>Vadapakkam-Poonthottam>Kezh natham>School 9159580478 Show Map
IX Nanjalur> Sivayam> School Nanjalur> Sivayam> Min Nagar> Sivasakthi Nagar> SR Nagar> EDAC building> Police line> Omakulam petrol bunk> school 9159580478 Show Map
X KG trip School> Kollidam By Pass petrol bunk > Sivasakthi nagar > VSR Nagar> Mannargudi street- Kanagasabai Nagar Reggio > North car street> Muthiah Nagar> Ammapettai > Vallam padugai> Kollidam Show Map