Teaching Methodology

Athena adopts mix of teaching methodologies which makes the learning process fun. Learning is not limited to the class rooms but uses wide array of methods. These includes text books, work sheets, DVD's, internet, field visits, educational tours, seminars, participating in competitions, projects and hands on experiences.

  • Individual Attention :
    Athena offer teaching methods tailored to suit to the individual needs of the students. The class size at KG level is fixed at 25- 30 students per class to give more individual attention. At KG level one senior teacher and a junior teacher will be there to care all kids. Students will be grouped based on the learning capacity and accordingly activities will be given. At higher classes, class teachers and subject teachers meet at fortnightly interval to frame teaching strategy for the individual students. Slow learners are being supported with evening special enrichment classes after school hours.
  • Learning through activities :
    All the class rooms at Athena are having smart boards powered by TATA EDGE. Wide array of software and teaching materials available at school servers which is being regularly updated. KG and Primary departments have a completely activity oriented curriculum. This includes regular subject related field trips, class room activities, home based activities, learning through games and puzzles.
  • Staff:
    Athena teaching staff are handpicked through rigorous selection process and they are given special training at school to adopt to the Athena way of teaching. Apart from training programs at school level, teachers are regularly deputed to the CBSE sponsored training programs. Teachers are also deputed to other best schools in Chennai and neighboring states in order to study the best practices adopted there.
  • Extracurricular activities:
    Students are being regularly exposed to the various sports and games activities and extracurricular activities like cookery, home management, music,vocal, art and craft, drawing, chess,yoga, maintenance of electrical gadgets, plumbing, gardening,etc.