Open Days

Regular meetings between parents and teachers are important to explore the performance of ward and we have regular open days for teacher parent interaction apart from the term end meetings. These open days will serve to expand the connection between the teachers and parents. Following schedules are available for the parents to meet the teachers to discuss about their wards performance in the learning. Principal also can be met without appointment on these open days.

Open Days Year 2018-19

Month Date Grade
April 30.04.2018 All(Optional)
June 30.06.2018 All(Compulsory)
July 31.07.2018 All(Optional)
September 08.09.2018 All(Compulsory)
October 27.10.2018 All(Optional)
November 30.11.2018 All(Optional)
January 05.01.2019 All(Compulsory)
February 28.02.2019 All(Compulsory)
March 30.03.2019 All(Compulsory)