House Activities

"All Houses Are Equal"

The school is divided into four 'Houses' at the Primary , Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary level. Each House has a HouseMaster/Mistress, Prefect and a House Captain. It is compulsory for every student to be a member of a House. The main idea of the House System is to provide training in qualities of leadership, co-operation, mutual understanding and self reliance. Different type of activities are organized under the House System such as dramatics, elocution, quiz, recitation, debate, group song and dance. Besides, the students are trained in community service and social work.

Possible outputs from house system:

  • More involved in extracurricular activities.
  • The chance to be mentored and to mentor others.
  • Increased aspiration through academic competition.
  • Increased involvement in sports
  • quality pastoral care in a family atmosphere
  • A distinct set of values and characteristics from their house which will help them to form strong personal values
  • A strong voice in decision making across the school.

Classification of houses

House Motto House leaders
CRYSTAL Fight for what you believe  House Mistress : Mrs. Uma Maheswari.M.R
House Mistress : Mrs. Chandra Kati Sinha
House Captain : Tharun.V
House Vice Captain : Krishna priya J.K
House Sports Captain : Harith.A
House Cultural Captain : Sujitha.S
Junior Prefect (Boys ) : Ajeesh Arvinth. B
Junior Prefect ( Girls ) : Abinayaa.V  
NANO Let truth be your guide House Mistress : Mrs. Chitra Selvi.D
House Mistress : Mrs. Karthika.P
House Captain : Murali Dharan.M
House Vice Captain : Divya.M
House Sports Captain : Kaushik.S
House Cultural Captain : Sukirtha.V        
Junior Prefect (Boys ) : Ricky Marion.M
Junior Prefect ( Girls ) : Lalitha Kumari.B  
NUCLEUS In union is strength House Mistress : Mrs. Kalyana Sundari. S
House Mistress : Mrs. Thirumalai Selvi. C
House Captain : Prince.S
House Vice Captain : Amitha Jones.M
House Sports Captain : Pravin Kumar.C.M
House Cultural Captain : Sanjana.R         
Junior Prefect (Boys ) : Venu Chander. V.S
Junior Prefect ( Girls ) : Preethi. S  
PLASMA Dare to think differently House Mistress : Mrs. Subha. S
House Mistress : Mrs. Sri Mohana Devi. P
House Captain : Aswinth.R
House Vice Captain : Newshi Jain.M
House Sports Captain : Iyyapan.A.R
House Cultural Captain : Santhoshini.R.N
Junior Prefect (Boys ) : Narayanamurthy. S
Junior Prefect ( Girls ) : Rakshita. S
  • All the teachers are divided among various houses, leaving two senior teachers whose work will be as “General house coordinators”
  • PET’s will not be part of any houses they should assist General Coordinators
  • Weekly house wise competition can be conducted on every week Friday/ Saturday last hour

House wise point system

Positive points earning

  • Points for proper house wise segregation without teachers coordinators assistance
  • Points from various competitions
  • By conduction morning assembly
  • To collect and prepare news, School and Sports events and also write a thought for the day on the blackboard meant for the purpose.

Negative point earning

  • Late coming
  • Improper uniform
  • Personal cleanly less (hair style)
  • Not wearing belt
  • Shoes not properly polished/ torn shoes
  • Behavior in mess
  • Behavior at school verandah