Before applying for their ward’s admission to AGS, parents and guardians are advised to consider the following:

Admission Policy

Subject to availability of places, AGS offers education to all children.


  • Athena is issuing applications only for Pre KG,LKG and Grade I and the cost of application form is Rs.300/-
  • For the grades VI to X, Athena is not admitting any fresh outside students.


A student seeking admission to any class will be eligible for admission to that Class, only if he/she:

  • Has been studying in a School recognized by or affiliated to recognized Board of Secondary Education in India (Kindergarten Exempted);
  • Has passed qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination making him eligible for admission to that Class;
  • Has appeared for entrance test conducted by AGS and obtained the prescribed cut off mark.
  • Student migrating from a school in a foreign country other than the school affiliated to this Board shall be eligible for admission only when an eligibility certificate in respect of such a student has been obtained from CBSE.
  • No student who is under the sentence of rustication or is expelled from any Board/University/ School or is debarred from appearing in the examination for whatever reason by any Board/ University shall be admitted to any class in a School affiliated to this Board.
  • satisfies the requirements of age limits as given in the chart below,
YEAR of School Curriculum at AGS Minimum AGE of student at beginning of academic year, 1 April Expected AGE of student at end of academic year
Pre KG 3
LKG 3 4
UKG 4 5
I 5 6
II 6 7
III 7 8
IV 8 9
V 9 10
VI 10 11
VII 11 12
VIII 12 13
IX 13 14
X 14 15

New students will normally not be admitted to Grade 10.

Fee Policy

As an independent private school we maintain high standards of academic delivery and excellent infrastructure and facilities. The fee structure and policies of the school are designed to support these offerings.

1.Types Of Fees
  • SCHOOL FEE - Tuition fee and other fee related to the academic
  • BOOK FEE – Paid one time every year towards textbooks, notebooks , uniform and other stationeries
  • ADMISSION FEE-Applicable only for new admission and its onetime fee
  • TRANSPORT FEE – This is optional fee and applicable only to transport users
  • DAYBOARDING FEE- This is also optional fee and its towards the lunch served at the schoo1
  • LATE FEE – Late fee is collected for the fees paid after the due date. It will be Rs.25/- per day.
  • SUPPORT PROGRAM FEE- This fee is collected for the service rendered in tie up with external agencies. This include IIT-JEE coaching fee, Olympiad fee etc.
2.Schedule of Payment
2 TERM PAYERS I TERM-April to September +Book Fee Payable on or before 31st March
II TERM-October – March Payable on or before 7th Oct
3 TERM PAYERS I TERM- April – July + Book Fee Payable on or before 31st March
II TERM-August-November Payable on or before 7th Aug
III TERM-December-March Payable on or before 7th Dec
3. Guidelines for payment of fees:
  • All fee payments should be made by the due dates as indicated in the Fee Schedule.
  • The School reserves the right to revise/amend the Fee Schedule.
  • Students who have secured admission but join the school after the start of the session would still need to pay the full year’s fee.
  • If the school offers admission to a student in the middle of a session, the fee payable will be calculated on a pro rata basis for the balance period of the academic year. For fee computation, the date of joining shall be considered as the 1st day of the month in which the student is joining the school. However since the school curriculum is quite rigorous it is advisable for a student to start from the first day of the academic year.

Rebate For Siblings -

We value the importance of giving siblings equal exposure by being in the same schooling environment. Therefore, second and subsequent children of the same parents studying in same or different class of AGS/ Reggio kids are eligible for 10% rebate in the tuition fee from the academic year 2016-17.The rebate is applicable to the younger sibling (s). However, the moment the eldest sibling leaves from the school, the next sibling will lose the eligibility status for rebate, having now become the eldest.

Advance Payment Rebate -

Parents existing students opting to pay the full year’s fee in advance shall be eligible for a 5% rebate on School fee. This rebate is subject to payment of all kinds of fees and charges as billed (including Transport Fee, as applicable) for the full year in advance or before the prescribed date of payment of the first installment. The new joiners making complete payment will not get any discount for the first year.

Imprest Account

An Imprest account is put into place to avoid cash transactions through the student, for such activities like entry to competitions, Olympiads, costumes, trips, books and stationery, etc... All charges for the above mentioned activities will be debited to the student's account with prior approval/information to the parents. A detailed statement of the expenses incurred under this category will be issued at the end of the year.

Procedure for Payment of Fees:

  • The old students are to deposit the fee directly in the bank through fee challan sent by the school in the beginning of new term. The new studentsAre to pay the fee of the first term to the office or in the bank before beginning of the term.
  • Fees will be collected by the AXIS Bank, Chidambaram in the form cash only through the prescribed fee challan issued by school which carries the student Ledger number.
  • Fees after the due date will not be accepted at the bank and has to be paid at the school with late fee
  • fees can be refunded fully if students opt out before the commencement of the classes
  • Late fee will be Rs.25/- per day.
  • All non-Cash payments should be made only at school office. Payments by crossed Account Payee cheque/DD should favour M/S Athena Global School, Payable at Chidambaram.
  • Fees transferred online or by NEFT should be reported to school office with UTR Number.
  • Credit and Debit card payments are also accepted with a service charge of 2%
  • Dishonored cheques shall attract an additional charge of Rs. 500/-. Hence, a fresh cheque for the fees with a penalty of Rs. 500/- has to be deposited at the school office.
  • No student, whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part will be allowed to sit for Term examination. No internal examination results, reports, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools will be issued to the student or parent until the outstanding fee is paid
  • Payment of fees as per schedule is very essential. Fees not paid as per the schedule indicated in the Fee schedule would result in the child's name being struck off from the school's roll and withdrawal all optional services. If the parents request for continuation of his ward’s studies at AGS, he would be treated as new student and all fees & dues shall be paid/levied as per the rules applicable for a new student.
  • Fees will not be refunded or waived for absence through sickness, shortened term or extended vacation, early release before term end, non consumption of food or any other reason.
  • Fee paid certificates for the Income Tax Purpose will be issued for the tuition fee only and it can be downloaded from the parent portal.


It is our desire and hopes that every student will find AGS a very conducive centre of learning and personal growth and complete his/her Schooling. However, we do understand that a student may have to leave for various reasons. Such exits should ideally coincide with the end of semesters. Students leaving in the middle of a year shall have to pay the fee for the complete year.In the case of withdrawal, Parents or Guardians are required to notify the Principal in prescribed format (Annexure 1) by mail or in writing.

The deadlines for making such requests as follows:

  • Students who have applied for withdrawal from the school must obtain a Withdrawal Form from the School Office. Until this has been completed and signed, signifying all dues cleared andSchool property including text books / equipment in good condition returned, examination results,Transfer certificates/recommendations to future schools / colleges will not be issued.
  • Transfer certificate will be issued based on the school Withdrawal Policy as given in Parent Student Handbook
  • Allow 5 working days for issue of TC
  • Processing fee of Rs.250/- has to be paid per request
  • End of academic year withdrawals should be notified in writing not later than the 31st of March of the same year.
  • Admission fees once paid will not be refunded
  • Once student attends classes, all school fees will be forfeited and optional fees will be refunded on pro rata basis
  • Fees can be refunded fully if students opt out before the commencement of the classes

Mid-Year Withdrawals

  • If the student leaves the school before the start of the academic session, the Fee paid will be refunded deducting the admission fees.
  • If the student leaves after the start of the session the fee for the entire term has to be paid.

Withdrawal and Refund Procedure:

All students, whether graduating or withdrawing from the school are required to obtain the ‘withdrawal form’ from the school Office’ and complete all the information and requirements stipulated therein that also includes return of all school property in good condition to various departments. Non-completion of the same shall lead to holding of examination results, reports, transfer certificates or recommendations to future schools/colleges to be issued. Prospectus, Registration, Admission and IT Fee are Non - Refundable. Any instruments, equipments, gadgets, books, stationary, uniforms etc. purchased from/through the school are Non-Returnable and thus non - Refundable.
Students being asked to leave the School on disciplinary grounds in the middle of the term are required to pay the Fee for the entire term.A no dues undertaking as prescribed in needs to be submitted before claiming refunds from the school. Refunds for pass outs/ withdrawals/ transfers, including middle of term withdrawals/ transfers are processed twice in an academic year - at the end of each term. Credit balances, if any shall be refunded within 60 days of re-opening of the school for the next term after adjusting unpaid dues, if any, including notice period fee in lieu of insufficient notice, if applicable.